• Lift the Cheek

    Lift the cheekbones to raise the cheekbones to the right and to the right. This spell brings a natural beauty, harmony, and features prominently for each face.

    Lift the Cheek

    Introduction to cheekbones

    Processing time: 1 hour

    Local anesthesia

    Cutting time only: Only drain

    Duration of stay: In the day

    Raising the cheekbones is a method of putting fillers into the cheek area through a small incision in the mouth to hide the scar, recreating the shape of the cheeks to harmonize with the face. This fact is appreciated by experts and is very safe, lasting and effective.

    The object of raising the cheek

    - People with low cheeks, not balanced with face

    - Desire to have a harmonious face

    The advantage of raising the cheek

    - Safe, effective and long term

    - Do not expose the scar, less pain

    - Bring your cheeks to a harmonious and standard ratio with full face

    The process of lifting the cheek

    Lift the cheeks at JW Korea Cosmetology Hospital following the standard procedures as follows:

    Step 1: Consultation and consultation. The doctor will look at the facial structure, depending on the condition of the client that gives the appropriate indication

    Step 2: Antiseptic and anesthetic surgery

    Step 3: Perform surgery. The doctor creates a small incision in the mouth, peels to create a cavity between the cheekbones and facial muscles to place the filler material, then fixes the filler and sews with a drain.

    Step 4: Customers can leave after work, do not need to stay overnight in the hospital

    Step 5: Care after surgery and follow up with your doctor



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