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    Co. BHC in Vietnam should be sent to customers greeting respect and thank you for the interest and support for the silicon material long-term implants in the body of patients that we serve . With years of experience and effective distribution system, the Vietnamese BHC is committed to bring customers the genuine products, the best quality. Thus, BHC Vietnam was known as a leading distributor in Vietnam of the product on health care and beauty of the Manufacturer leading from the United States, the Federal Republic Virtue...

    Here's information website links manufacturers in the US, Germany and preliminary information about the products that we are distributing for this manufacturer.

    1. Mentor Worldwide LLC company, USA:

    - Is the bag placed Mentor breast - single breasted bags placed in the world to produce 100% in the US, is the Drug Administration of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as standard products for surgical use breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

    2. Merz Aesthetics Inc. 2. Firm, USA:

    - Products Radiesse: Remove wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, chin implant, facial orthopedics has the capacity of 0.8 cc and 1.5 cc to remove shallow wrinkles, deep creases, in the face, neck, hand; Orthopedic rhinoplasty, chin implant, cheek lift without surgery. Products already Drug Administration United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as standard products used for cosmetic surgery.

    3. Health & Aesthetics GmbH company Polytech., Germany

    Polytech is known to be the largest manufacturer, the best in Europe, provides full product all kinds of silicone implant materials permanent implant in the human body that you may need. Polytech's products are manufactured 100% in Germany according to ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 13485. The products of artificial silicone implants Polytech is the first product in the world are European Community certification standards CE 0483: Accreditation is the standard used for surgery orthopedic, replace, supplement and adjust the deficiency of some parts in the body of patients. Detail:

    - Female breast implant artificial Polytech

    - Artificial testicles oval;

    - Biceps implants, artificial calf;

    - The implant artificial hips round, oval;

    - Male breast implant artificial quadrangle; parallelogram;

    - Stretch the skin of the breast implant circular, oval, semicircular.

    - The implant artificial leather stretch round, oval, rectangle semicircle.

    4. The company Hanson Medical Inc., USA and Allied Biomedical Inc., USA

    - Material silicon padded nose, chin, cheeks, the style, type casting, type of trim, or not disinfected.

    - Cake Silicon 15 cm x 7.5 cm x 2 cm, high quality, easy to trim or tough; white, color, color; Hard levels from 5 to 30 duometor software.

    5. The carrier Scarguard Labs LLC, USA

    - Cream 15 ml Scarguard keloid and 30 ml;

    - Cream-colored scars, pigmentation, melasma Scarlight 15 ml and 30 ml MD;

    - Stickers silicon keloid, burn scars 3.5 x 7cm Scarsheet 21 pieces / box;

    6. Wells Johnson company., USA

    - Mechanical liposuction machines, Machine perfusion;

    - Accessories for liposuction, perfusion machine: Kim liposuction, fat transplant needle, needle anesthesia, results in Grease, grease container

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