Nasal Splint
  • Nasal Splint

Nasal Splint

Thermoplastic Nasal Splints

Made in:USA
Code: Thermoplastic Nasal Splints

Original Price: 600,000 vnđ

Promotion Price: 300,000 vnđ

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  • AquaplastThese low temperature thermoplastic splints offer external stabilization and protection post rhinoplasty and nasal fracture.

    They offer exceptional pliability and bond securely to paper tape (with or without adhesives or taping) and are light weight and comfortable.

    After softening in hot water, Aquaplast PS™ precisely contours directly against the skin or over gauze bandages or paper tape, and may be resoftened and remolded to accommodate loss or gain of edema.

    Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Nasal Splints are available in large and small die-cut "Silver" splint patterns (courtesy of Dr. William Silver, Atlanta, GA), a more traditional trapezoidal pattern, as well as in 3"x3" splint blanks for custom patterns. Our standard thickness is 1/16" (1.6mm), but thicker splints are also available.






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