Radiesse injectable implant 0.8ml
  • Radiesse injectable implant 0.8ml

Radiesse injectable implant 0.8ml

Radiesse: Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, orthopedic nose, chin, cheeks ... without surgery-FDA-aprroved

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    Basic information about orthopedic fillers Radiesse injectable implant
    Skin fillers Radiesse has key components, the most important is the quality Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) synthesis. Specifically, 30% CaHA particles in the composition of Radiesse. In essence, the particles are synthesized from CaHA Ca2 + and PO3, is a natural mineral found in bones and teeth, so that the body CaHA are receiving and have the biologically compatible. The components of the solution Radiesse Gel 70% and is made up of cellulose gel mixed with glycerin, water and adjuvants. The solution is considered environmentally gel containing the particles as a solvent for CaHA.
    The Calcium hydroxylapatite for use in the United States.
    CaHA has been widely used in specialist long orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, dentistry. In the US, the FDA allows first clinical application CaHA Gel technology in 1995. The pre-clinical studies have been done long-term with 75-125 micron particles ɸ CaHA, injections around the urethra.

    radiesse filler

    Photo taken through a microscope the decay of CaHA during the body's metabolism of calcium and phosphate ions.
    The permission for use of Radiesse in the US
    Radiesse is allowed to use in the United States for the first time in 2001 to regenerate tissues Calcium hydroxylapatite particles (CaHA) from 75-125 microns. Repeatedly during the years 2002-2005, Radiesse is used to test the slot handle sticky nose and mouth, soft tissue wrinkles. To December 2006, the Administration of the US Food and Drug FDA allows use of Radiesse to treat wrinkles. To July 2009, the Administration of the US Food and Drug FDA allows use of Radiesse mixed with lidocaine to numb the pain of treatment for patients.
    Today, Radiesse is injected to remove wrinkles, non-surgical orthopedics in the temple area, cheeks, corners of the mouth, jaw, chin, nose wrinkled cheeks, bridge of the nose and the nose ... with effective immediately News and last up to 36 months.
    Operational mechanism of Radiesse Filler
    CaHA particles get acceptance biologically compatible by the human body and can help create an aesthetic effect lasts longer than the skin implant components is Hyaluronic Acid (as Restyland, Juvedem ) but the result is not forever. CaHA particles will slowly separated during the body's metabolism of calcium and phosphate into inon. Effectiveness of the treatment lasts depends on many variables (age, treatment area, the rate of metabolism ... so specific treatment outcomes may be different between different patients.
    for Operational
    CaHA and gel particles in Radiesse will remove wrinkles on skin
    Collagen create new mechanisms
    When the gel is absorbed, county CaHA would like prop to newly created collagen
    CaHA particles separated during the body's metabolism
    Effectiveness of Radiesse wonderful life
    Today's new generation Radiesse is composed of particles of uniform CaHA in shape and size from 25-45 microns in diameter and effective aesthetic wrinkles, orthopedic (without surgery) pull minimum length from 12-18 months. Radiesse can stimulate the body to produce natural collagen. Over time, the gel is absorbed into the body while the particles CaHA will support the growth of the surrounding tissue in the skin help the production of collagen cells, creating a new skin layer. The growth of these tissues is different between different people and depends on many factors.
    CaHA particles separated during the body's metabolism
    Stimulates collagen production
    In Vietnam today, Radiesse is provided in the form of tubes and 1.5 cc volume of 0.8 cc, sterile, disposable. After opening the tube disinfection Radiesse is not allowed to re-sterilized for reuse. When using Radiesse does not need to test skin test or try an allergic reaction, do not require storage or special handling as some other products. Treatment with Radiesse will result in wrinkles immediately after the injection and lasts effectively.
    Comparison table
    Injectable fillers Radiesse orthopedic implants with different types of skin fillers
    Some kind skin fillers
    Skin fillers
    (Effective immediately)
    Tissue regeneration
    (The effect lasts)
    Collagen X  
    Hyaluronic Acid X  
    Poly-L-Latic Acid   X
    The efficacy of Radiesse than other substances
    Radiesse is a filler Orthopedic the nose, chin, cheeks, wrinkles without surgery with a very high density orthopedic help increase efficiency higher, much cheaper than other types of skin fillers currently on the market bare
    Proven density and adhesion of Radiesse Radiessecua
    You can clearly see and sintered density of Radiesse in the image above
    When injecting orthopedic, remove wrinkles, Radiesse for the effects, immediate results. And this effect lasts over time
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