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ZFill Deep

ZFill Deep ²: medium to deep wrinkles – smooth build up of volume

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    ZFill DeepGel implants for deep treatment

    Highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid restores moisture and elasticity to tired skin. ZFill deep² is suitable for correcting moderate to deep lines, wrinkles and sunken areas of skin. It is also ideal for improving facial contours and
    increasing volume. Because of their outstanding viscoelastic properties, the gel implants can be injected through a thin needle with ease and accuracy. The cosmetic effect is immediate and lasts for up to a year.
    Technical data
    High Quervernetzte hyaluronic acid
    Hyaluronic acid concentration 23 mg / ml
    Stabilizer / crosslinker BDDE
    Sterility sterile
    pH 7,0
    Dynamic viscosity ~1.000.000 mPa·s
    Molecular weight 3 Mio. Daltons
    Degree of cross-linking ++
    Packaging 1x 1ml
    Needle 2x 27G 1⁄2
    Duration of effect 8-12 months
    Areas to be treated
    -Nasolabial lines
    -Marionette lines
    -Sunken facial areas
    Duration of effect
    8 – 12 months.
    Main points
    -Modern, monophasic gel
    -Low extrusion force
    -Good filling effect
    -Excellent tissue integration
    -Injection with thin 27G cannulas
    -Simple modelling
    -Easy handling with a high-quality glass syringe


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